convert all your docs to the cloud

Technology Tools should be simple. They should make your life easier. That's what we had in mind when we created LegalCap. Taking advantage of modern technologies, such as cloud computing, we created an easy way to migrate, secure and backup all your documents in a place where you can get to them wherever you go. Create, copy, fill out, share, store, backup and print your documents from anywhere you might be. The way it should be! Check out our technology page

Our developers were trained in IT security and we host in highly secure datacenters, providing the best security, portability and scalability. So you'll never have to worry and you'll never have to wait if it's within our power. We take our role seriously and have prepared a product that's reliable, functional, secure and easy to use. Check out our security page

Our graphic user interface artists have years of experience and created a comfortable place to get your work done. No huge learning curve, no massive help center (Our help is when and where you need it!). Our product is intuitive and uses images and tools you're already familiar with and comfortable using. The real power is transparent to the user except for the time you'll save when working in your new workplace, anywhere!

If you do need help for any reason, our customer consultants are standing by. Our staff is experienced and ready to answer your questions and find a solution to your issues. Of course, we don't expect any calls. It's that easy! Contact our support team

Your business can realize the advantage of low maintenance and high accessibility by storing their assets in a cloud environment. Our administration applications will allow firms to migrate their documents to secure cloud using the best encryption methods known to date with automatic backup features in order to eliminate maintenance, upgrades and backup of private office servers. Our mission is to allow firms to share their documents when and where they need them in methods that go beyond typical document management systems currently available.

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